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Country Rate
USA 3¢/min
France 3¢/min
Haiti 27.77¢/min
Dominican Republic 5.5¢/min
Jamaica 12¢/min
Bahamas 14¢/min
Rio de Janeiro 4¢/min
Mexico City 5¢/min
Buenos Aires 2.5¢/min
Canada 3¢/min
China 3¢/min
Lagos 8¢/min
Israel 4¢/min

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The Better Way to Long Distance

Call from the US to anywhere in the world. All you have to do is:
1. Register the numbers you want to call from.
2. Dial our Toll-Free or Local Access Numbers.
3. Enter your destination number.

Recharge now and continue to enjoy our Unbeateable Rates and High Quality.

Pinless dialing
12Tel is a prepaid long distance telephone service provider.
To use the service, simply tell us your phone number(s), and the amount to charge.
Once you sign up, just dial our toll free or local access numbers from one of your registered phones. You will hear your balance, then simply dial your destination number followed by the pound (#) sign.

12Tel advantages
You can register as many phone numbers as you want under the same account.
Our unbeatable rates are the same 24 hours a day 7 days a week, whether you call from your cell, home or business phone. Simply put, there are:
  • no restrictions.
  • no limitations.
  • no connection fees.
  • no monthly fees.
  • no hidden charges.
  • no contract to sign.
  • no gimmicks, period!
We guarantee that your calls will get through every time, baring any issues in the country you’re dialing.

Follow me Calling
Getting reached by business associates, friend or family members, has never been easier. No need to give out multiple phone numbers. All you have to do is give them your “Universal Number” and they will reach you wherever you are in the world. Call us at 305-828-9800 for more details.

Automatic Recharge
Make life easier by signing up for Automatic Recharge.
With 12tel’s Automatic Recharge service, you can eliminate the need to log-on and recharge your account every time your account balance gets low. Just choose the minimum balance at which you would like us to automatically recharge your account, and the amount for which you would like us to bill your credit/debit card. Your account will then automatically be recharged so long as the credit/debit card provided remains valid.
Automatic Recharge is a free service we offer our clients in order to ensure they continue to enjoy the best in long-distance, as easily as possible.

Solar Items
Solar Energy is the way to the future. You can now buy Solar Items that work right out of the box and have them delivered them to your loved ones in Haiti at any SogeXpress location.

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- 12tel will be available overseas soon - more...
- Follow me calling is here now - more...
- Use the convenience of automatic recharge - more...
Earn the highest commission rates in the industry - more...

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